Propel® Orthodontics Vpro+

Meet the VPro+, the only high frequency vibration device proven to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. Used at home for just 5 minutes a day, the VPro+ is designed to make treatment more comfortable while delivering results ahead of schedule.

  • Use for 5 minutes per day, recommended before bed. If using with Invisalign, use with aligner in
  • Automatic shut off
  • Can use for 30 cycles before needing to recharge
  • Keep the clear plastic case it comes in (good to use for travel)
  • Can pause in the middle of using: click button, will see 3 red blinks, have a 30 minute window to resume where you left off
  • To connect, USB symbol should face down (mouth piece up)
  • Mouth piece DOES NOT plug in completely flush (there is supposed to be a gap; do not force it or it will break)
  • Each box comes with software to download if you want to track progress

  • Light notifications:
    • Blue – 5 minute cycle is in progress
    • Green – 5 minute cycle is complete (3 blinks), device is fully charged
    • Red – switch is pressed by user before treatment complete, when the 5 minute treatment is interrupted and not resumed within the 30 minute window, when the device is on/pulsating and user connects to USB (pulsation will stop), when the 5 minute treatment in interrupted and the user connects to USB within the 30 minute window
    • Magenta – Device is at low battery level
    • Amber – Device is plugged into charger