treated AcceleDent Patients

Patient who finished treatment in 13 months when the estimated treatment time without AcceleDent was 18-24 months.

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“I was apprehensive about wearing braces as an adult and downright reluctant to do it for two years. The option to potentially cut treatment time by 30-50% got my attention. Thirteen months flew by and who isn’t more confident with a perfect smile?” T.W.  


Patient who finished treatment in 14 months when the estimated treatment time without AcceleDent was 24 months.

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  Patient who finished treatment in 12 months when the estimated treatment time without AcceleDent was 24 months.

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“Three years ago, as a 70 year old female, I was referred to Dr. McInnis for a consultation to have my bite corrected. The reason: my upper and lower side teeth were unable to make contact, especially while eating, and my front teeth hit directly on each other which would eventually cause major problems. It was decided that I needed braces applied to correct my dental problems and they must be worn for about 2 to 2-1/2 years. I must admit I did procrastinate for over a year before deciding to move forward.

At the time my braces were applied, Dr. McInnis informed me of an orthodontic accessory, namely AcceleDent, used for 20 minutes a day which was tested and found to hasten the movement of teeth and shorten the actual wearing time of braces. I embraced this idea and decided to give it a try. The AcceleDent was very easy to use. A soft, rubber mouthpiece was fitted to the end of the small appliance administrating the subtle vibration needed to gradually nudge movement of my teeth. I used it while watching television each evening (very convenient while listening to negative news), inducing the bite reaction.

The result, for me, was wonderful. My braces were removed just short of 12 months! Remember, the original estimated plan called for 2 or 2-1/2 years. It took me longer to decide to have orthodontic work started than the actual amount of time needed for my bite correction.

I wholeheartedly recommend this this device for use in conjunction with anyone’s orthodontic plan. The additional cost is well worth having a brace-free smile sooner!

Thanks Dr. McInnis and also of your efficient, pleasant, professional staff.” D.G.


“Since wearing the AcceleDent device, my comfort level during my entire treatment has been most exceptional. Applying the AcceleDent device prior to my orthodontic visits made my pain level decrease by almost 98%; even applying the device following a visit still made my comfort level satisfactory. The vibrations of the device fell like little baby massagers that are so incredibly soothing to my gums! I am extremely grateful for my AcceleDent device and I would recommend it to anyone that is undergoing orthodontic therapy! Thank you Upstate Orthodontics Team!” C.H. (patient currently in treatment)